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The WORLD's most advanced BALL CANNON - Second to None
The BALL CANNON shoots the ball with a never before seen accuracy and consistency, 
giving both coach and player the best working conditions possible ever.

Ball Training Machine is the football industry's flagship serving machine, created with cutting edge technology.
The Ball Training Machine plays balls with unmatched precision and accuracy that can be adapted to any need, allowing effortless precision of repetition.
It can replicate any type of pass or shot from a player, with or without spin.


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Several types of services the Ball Training Machine can replicate include:

-Crosses, both in-swingers and out-swingers, driven and in the air
-Precisely placed shots on goal at various degrees of power, curled with the inside or outside of the foot-Perfect for goalkeeper training!
-Passes on the ground, bouncing or in the air within a wide range of diverse speeds.

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Revolutionize your football training with the Ball Training Machine:

-Fire a variety of shots at goalkeepers to improve their reaction time, range of goal coverage, explosiveness, agility and catching and punching techniques.
 The Ball Training Machine can be set to random or repeated placement on goal.
-Set the ball in play with precision of speed and accuracy.
-Excellent tool to hone trapping and turning skills
-Economize finishing crosses and defending crosses through the preciseness of services.
-Become a threat in the air and gain confidence in winning air duels.


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Technical Specifications:

-Battery powered with up to 1000 services per charge
-Transportable on 6 puncture proof tires for ease of use and low impact on football pitches
-Radio controlled remote control with 8 functions (optional)
-Touch color display and simple system design for straightforward adjustability
-Pre-programmed shot sequences developed by professional goalkeepers and coaches


Ball Training Machine® 
THE ball cannon

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Ball Training Machine


BTM - Ball Training Machine® ( BALL CANNON )

The WORLD's most advanced BALL CANNON - Second to None

The football cannon ensures optimum special training for developing fielders and goalkeepers. Both technically and tactically, the football cannon helps improve the strong and weak points of football players.

Improving and fine-tuning these core competences and skills require special training – individually, in groups and in full teams. Some of the most important elements in special training are repetition and precision of the exercises aimed at improving player competences. The football cannon ensures repetition and precision.

The football cannon also ensures more systematic special training where goalkeepers, defenders and strikers
can train ball reception and handling by means of various shot patterns.

The football cannon can be programmed to make and repeat different shots, variably according to own wishes.

• Dimensions: 1000x1100x1300 mm WxLxH (Ball magazin H + 700 mm)
• Weight: 200 kg
• Battery-powered with up to 1000 shots per charge
• Ball magazin holding up to 30 footballs
• ouch colour display (industrial computer) for machine operation
• Radio-controlled remote control with 8 functions (option)
• Electrical Powered wheel ( option )